Top Tips for Road Safety with Kids

Here are some top safety tips that I use with my own children.

Walk Safely

  • The footpath is the safest place to walk, have distance between you and the curb.

  • Make sure you can hear and see your surroundings, consider how loud your music is and save phones for a safer place.

  • Look out for those sneaky driveways. Drivers in a rush can miss pedestrians crossing their driveway.

Cross Safely

  • If a school entrance has a Kea Crossing (school crossing) manned by Road Wardens/Patrollers we always walk the extra distance to cross there as it is the safest place.

  • Use zebra crossings or pedestrian crossings with lights whenever available.

  • Always look left, right then left again to check for vehicles.

  • Make eye contact with drivers at pedestrian crossings so you can be sure they have noticed you.

Buckle Up

  • For children shorter than 148cm always use an appropriate child restraint.

  • Install and restrain a child correctly every time, even for short trips

  • For older children who have outgrown the limits of their child restraint make sure they know to use their seat belt correctly. Shoulder sash over the shoulder and lap sash low across their pelvis.

  • Children under the age of 13 are far safer sitting in the back seat. The front seat is designed for adults not children and the airbag can actually do more harm than good when it comes to kids.

Do you have any extra tips for keeping kids safe around roads? #roadsafetyweek #BuckleUp #childrestrainttechnicians

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