Seatbelt Safety

Updated: Jan 28

I have this vivid memory of travelling on a road trip as a kid with the seat belt comfortably pushed down under my arm so I could lie down, sort of, and rest my head on a pillow.

Well, luckily we weren't involved in a crash because the seat belt would definitely not been able to do it's job used that way.

As adults it is so important to demonstrate how to use a seat belt correctly so it can restrain us in an accident or sudden stop with the least damage possible to our bodies.

A seatbelt is designed to make contact with the strong bones in your body and needs to spread the crash forces across a wider area to work without damaging internal organs.

Simply put, this means the diagonal sash must sit across our shoulder, not on the neck or under the arm. The lap sash must sit low so it rests over the pelvis.

The shoulder and Road Safety Tips for our kids. The shoulder and pelvis are strong bones that cope better with the strong forces that are involved in car accidents.

It's so important to always teach your kids and teens to always wear their seat belt and wear it correctly every time, even on short trips.

This is also why boosters are so important for children under 148cm as boosters position the seat belt correctly.

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Infographic showing how to wear a seat belt correctly
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