Infasecure Optima

This is a great option that offers extended rear facing and extended harnessed forward facing.

Here are the specs

  • Rear facing up to a large 30 month old (39cm seated shoulder height)

  • Forward facing with harness to 8 years (51cm seated shoulder height).

  • 9 recline options.

  • Easily adjustable harness height.

  • 44cm wide at the base.

What we like about this seat

  • Great limits, this will keep your kids safely rear facing then harnessed for the recommended times.

  • Features such as recline options and the twist and life harness adjuster make this user friendly.

  • Although the safety features are not as advanced as with the Atlas this seat still offers great side and head impact protection.

  • At 44cm wide this seat is compact, it's a similar width to a Maxiguard or Diono so can be potentially used for 3 across installations.


  • Like all Australian seats this must be tethered rear facing. This does offer additional safety but can put some people off.

  • As an Australian seat there is no chest clip which can make it a bit easier for escapees to free their arms. Making sure the harness is at the correct height and tightness can prevent this though.

This seat is only available at Repco but does go on sale occasionally. It's RRP is $449.

There are other Infasecure Seats that offer the same limits. The Atlas, Grandeur, Achieve, Emperor and Cadence are all the same seat as the Optima with different names.

The differences between them is mostly just the fabrics and amount of padding in the infant insert. The Optima does not have Secure air in the headrest, but some of the other versions do. If you can't find the Optima it's worth looking for other these other Infasecure Seats.

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