Booster tips and tricks

Booster seats are simple right? Not quite... Cars and vehicle seat belts are designed for adult proportions. A booster lifts the child and guides the seat belt so that the seat belt sits across the child's body in the correct position.

Seatbelts must make contact with the strong points in the body. The shoulder and the hips. These parts of the body a far better equipped to deal with the extreme forces that occur when a vehicle is involved in a crash. Because of this it is vital that the vehicle seatbelt sits across the shoulder and hips/upper thighs. If the seatbelt sits across the neck or the lap belt rides up onto the abdomen the child can suffer severe injuries. If your child straps them into their booster seat make sure an adult checks that the seat belt it in the correct position and secure. If your child plays with the seatbelt they may not be mature enough and a harnessed booster may keep them safer. If you need any help with deciding if your child is ready for a booster or would like to check that your child is fitted correctly to their booster we can help with a Quick Check. Get in touch on 02108916576 or send us a message.

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